What, Another Baseball Blog?

Why another baseball blog? Mostly selfish reasons, I guess: I need to share some of the joy I find in the game and hope that you, new reader, will delight in it too. I’m stuck to the game like a baseball on Yadier Molina’s chest protector. I love everything about baseball: the history, the statistics, the strategic nuances, the mundane events, and the unexpected surprises it constantly provides. I love scorecards and sweeping curveballs and watching a sharply-hit ball land JUST fair as it careens into the far corners of the outfield and rattles around like a pinball as the batter cruises in for a stand-up double. Among a million other things.

Most of all, I love learning about baseball, a sport that eludes complete knowledge but constantly urges its fans to pursue such understanding — through analysis, historical comparison, and observation. This blog will share statistical insights but not heavy math because, well, I don’t do heavy math. I like learning statistical concepts and what we can learn about which baseball numbers truly matter (and which ones don’t). I’ll also share opinions, observations, links to stories or other interesting facts, and maybe even a fictional story or two.

I hope you find the blog enjoyable and worth sharing with others who find the game endlessly fascinating.  So please join me for Baseball Delights. That’s enough warm-up; time for the first few pitches.



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